An Important component of the Stockton Blvd Partnership success is the external advocacy in behalf of property owners. Attending public/government meetings, speaking to the community and it’s leaders is a vital part of the strength and growth of the economic redevelopment of the Stockton Blvd Business Corridor.

The Stockton Boulevard Partnership has maintained visibility through attendance at meetings, participation in events, involvement with community organizations, engaging property owners, and through the publication of the Stockton Boulevard Partnership programs and projects. Several avenues have been used to accomplish this including publications, website, media, social networks and public meetings.

Publications – The Stockton Blvd Partnership Staff developed an e-newsletter that is sent out monthly to all who have signed up to received our newsletter. If you are interested in joining our list, please go back to the home page and fill out the “Subscribe to our newsletter” pop up.

Board Meetings – All Stockton Boulevard Partnership Board Meetings are held on a monthly basis and are open to the public; meeting times are posted on the website. The Stockton Boulevard Partnership Executive Committee meets monthly after the Full Board meeting. All meetings are held at the Stockton Blvd Partnership Office at 5657 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, Ca 95824. Please email the Partnership at if you have questions, concerns, or are interested in having a discussion topic added to the meeting agenda.

Community Meetings – Staff currently attends public, government and community meetings each month to gather information and hear the community’s goals, desires, and needs. Constant daily contact is made through emails and phone calls which allow the Stockton Boulevard Partnership to maintain relevancy to the area.

Website Development – The development of the website is ongoing. This is a place where the community at large can stay current on projects, current Board of Directors, important meeting dates, as well as read important information regarding our organization.

Social Media – With the growing trend of social networks the SBP stays connected to our community through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.