We are excited about the future of Stockton Blvd. Never have there been so many different agencies and organizations working together to revitalize the corridor. The map to the right provided by the City of Sacramento demonstrates all the current projects on the Blvd.

Click on the map to the left to open an interactive map that outlines all the efforts taking place. 

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Stockton Blvd Specific Plan 



4995 Stockton Blvd 

What is the Stockton Blvd Plan?

The Stockton Blvd Plan will reflect the City’s commitment to its neighborhoods and will focus on, and be reflective of, the community. It will aim to improve the quality of life and economic opportunity for existing residents and businesses along the corridor, while increasing community ownership and building local capacity.

From July to October 2022, The Engagement Team will be collaborating with residents and business owners on how to make this Plan better and figure out what comes next. 

Check out the community working version here: