Stockton Boulevard Community Development Corporation
Safety Workshop with Iu Mien Community Services
Stockton Boulevard Community Cleanup
National Night Out
joint Neighborhood Association Spaghetti Dinner
Turkeys-To-Go Giveaway 2022
Vounteer to be a Safety Attendant and Stop Asian Hate
The Stockton Blvd Community Development Corporation provided a $300 WalMart Gift Card for the family who experienced tragic loss on Stockton Blvd, May 21, 2022.

Philanthropy / Humanitarian Efforts

CDC Sponsored Kevin Carter with The Poor People Campaign to serve Lunch in the Park in November 2022.

CDC Donated 1,000 bottles of water to Greg King of Always Knocking Inc. to directly distribute water to the unhoused encampments during the blistering heat months of 2022.

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