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The purpose of the  Block by Block Program is to identify and assess blocks with high crime statistics, chronic homelessness,  prostitution issues, or extreme blight using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  This program will address specific issues such as lighting, security, trash clean up, graffiti, facade updates, and code issues.  The Block by Block program will enhance the physical environment of Stockton Boulevard in order to reduce criminal activity and encourage a safe environment for businesses to thrive and residents and patrons to live, work, and play.


  1. Identify specific areas along Stockton Blvd between 2nd Ave and 65th Street which are high in crime to complete the contiguous block by block assessment.
  2. Complete assessment identifying blight and other issues, using the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
  3. Successfully address priority items identified in assessment to encourage a safe place.
  4. Educate property and business owners.
  5. Create a new culture that encourages community involvement and sustainability.


The Sacramento Police Department (SPD) documented 21 crime reports and 88 calls for service at the intersection of Stockton Blvd and Fowler– 60% of the calls were related to suspicious occupants of vehicles; and traffic and subject stops in 2016.  This statistic mirrors the activity along our 4.5 mile business corridor.

The SPD’s evaluation found environmental factors such as poor, dim and/or broken lighting, a number of business signs are dark, vacant building and parking lots [leading to “car dates”prostitution activity], blight in front of businesses, easy access to comfortable standing locations [grass] [for pimps, prostituting women and drug dealers] and bushes to easily conceal themselves.Both the City and County of Sacramento’s Code Enforcement Department utilizes numerous resources to address code violations along the Stockton Blvd business corridor. Addressing the issues and educating business and property owners will reduce the need for repeatedly deploying resources to the same areas of resource from code enforcement. 

In addition, Paladin Security, hired by the Stockton Boulevard Partnership, assisting with safety along the boulevard, reported 4,961 incidents (See attached report) in 2016.  Combined, it is clear to see that the physical environment along Stockton Boulevard, along with a persistent reluctance to report crime or suspicious activity from business owners, contributes to blight and reduces the economic viability of this area. With approximately 500 businesses along the 4.5 miles of Stockton Boulevard, a reduction in crime and blight will contribute to the economic development of this entire area. 


  • Stockton Blvd Partnership
  • Community Against Sexual Harm
  • Sacramento County District Attorney
  • Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department
  • Sacramento Police Department
  • City/County Code Enforcement
  • SBP District Maintenance
  • SMUD
  • Paladin Security




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