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The artist, who prefers to be known as 2Hermano, was born and raised in North Sacramento. Art was not foremost in his
thoughts. “I was very left-brained really into logic and math,” says 2Hermano. “Then in 2006, after a trip to Costa Rica, I began questioning my purpose.” 2Hermano had never drawn or doodled. After buying a small paint set, he began collaborating with his brother who was sculpting. “I still haven’t reached my peak. This is all still new to
me, from barely picking up a pencil to freehand spray painting on a wall.”

The new mural was many months of creative planning. Local Latino and Latina high school students and 2Hermano
collaborated to create a visual interpretation of the students’ culture and family. Their ideas tied to the Folklórico-style of
performing arts at Instituto Mazatlán de Bellas Artes (IMBA).

The mural was funded by the City of Sacramento’s Creative Economy Grant.

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