Sacramento Business Energy Makover

Stockton Boulevard and Oak Park PBIDs was selected to participate in the Sacramento Small Business Energy Makeover. This was a unique, limited-time opportunity for business owners and managers to learn how energy efficiency could save money and the environment.
The goal of the Energy Makeover was to encourage small businesses to easily achieve about 15 to 20 percent in energy savings with retrofits by taking advantage of available energy efficiency rebates and incentives.
Last September, energy and water efficiency experts offered FREE surveys at  business along Stockton Blvd and in the Oak Park Business Corridor to identify easy, low cost ways to reduce electricity and water bills. SMUD and the Sacramento Department of Utilities surveyed businesses, offering recommendations, and provided information about rebates that could cover up to 70 percent of the cost of energy and water efficiency retrofits. The PBID helped arrange for contractors to complete the installation.
The Sacramento Small Business Energy Makeover was offered solely to members of the Stockton Boulevard and Oak Park PBID within the Sacramento city limits.  
The Sacramento Small Business Energy Makeover is a special pilot program brought to you by the California Air Resources Board, the City of Sacramento and SMUD.

Envision Sacramento

The City of Sacramento Launched an interactive website to obtain YOUR IDEAS that will help shape the future of Sacramento. They want to hear from you, the community, on how you envision Sacramento.