Stockton Boulevard Economic Impact Report

The Stockton Boulevard corridor is a four-mile commercial corridor made up of a variety of small mom-and-pop establishments, with restaurants and unique retail businesses, rich in culture and diversity and is anchored by University of California, Davis (UCD) Medical Center at its northern boundary. The combination is small businesses, the region’s only level one trauma center, and the easy access to downtown makes the Stockton Boulevard corridor a prime location for redevelopment

UCD Medical Center is the area’s largest economic engine, as it employs over 11,000 and contributes $3.9 billion of economic output, based on its 2019 annual report. The campus is also creating an innovation and research and development hub, Aggie Square, near the existing medical campus.

With the development of Aggie Square, the corridor is slated to experience unprecedented growth and investment. Aggie Square will house business partners and community-based programs with university innovation and research to create a stronger and healthier shared community.

Aggie Square will create a unique live/learn/work/ play environment to foster collaboration and creativity. Entrepreneurs, companies and workers can thrive in our technology campus that values inclusion and creates chance encounters among creative people. The campus will feature state-of-the-art research facilities, modern office and mixed-use space, world-class amenities and a dynamic, thriving community.

In addition, Aggie Square will create new public space with welcoming, accessible entry points that connects UCD with its neighboring communities.

The Stockton Boulevard area is also the epicenter for the City of Sacramento’s Asian Pacific Islander community, and it is home to some of the region’s best authentic restaurants, which also serve as community centers for the surrounding neighborhoods. The corridor hosts the Lunar Flower Festival each year, which attracts hundreds of visitors to experience this cultural array of food, activities and programs.

The Stockton Boulevard Partnership supports this corridor and works endlessly to advocate on behalf of property and business owners and their tenants to ensure proactive public policy and economic development activities; to implement programs that improve security, safety, cleanliness, and positively impact the public image of the Stockton Boulevard Business corridor.