HISTORIC HIGHWAY 99: Sacramento to Stockton

More than 100 years ago Stockton Boulevard was a thriving transportation corridor linking the cities of Sacramento and Stockton. This function ended in 1961 when State Highway 99 replaced Stockton Boulevard as the regional transportation artery. Although the lengths of the new freeway and the former street route of Stockton Boulevard were almost identical, eight to ten minutes were shaved off travel time when driving the entire distance. This was big news in those days! Then, as now, delays  along the route were caused by restricted speed zones, signalized intersections and narrow lanes.

The Central California Traction provided interurban train service from Sacramento to Stockton and provided local streetcar service to two new neighborhoods—Colonial Heights and Colonial Acres—and commuter service to the central city. These neighborhoods were built along the main line on Stockton Boulevard between 21st Avenue and Sacramento Boulevard (now known as Broadway). The CCT stopped train service in 1933, but continued offering streetcar passenger service until their system was sold in 1943.

Historic Highway 99 lives on. In 2017, Stockton Boulevard is still a major transportation artery connecting the Central City and South Sacramento. However, you can drive (West and East) Stockton Boulevard to Galt. However, it will require some zigzagging and creative use of Google Maps.