Jun 28
Long Island Ice Cream is providing happiness again on Stockton Boulevard

Yes, they’re open! At long last! During the early days of the pandemic, they were social distancing with ice cream lovers. Then in autumn 2020, an arson fire at Tirapelli Plaza shuttered all the businesses including Long Island Ice Cream. On April 23, 2021, they happily reopened and are welcoming the community of supporters. Nothing […]

Dec 01
Casino Lotus: During the pandemic, patron safety is top priority

Story Written By: Barbara L. Steinberg Photo Credit: Angela Quan Looking back: Parkwest Casino Lotus owner John Park and his design team spent 18 months envisioning a first-class casino to replace the old Silver Fox card room on Stockton Boulevard. The gleaming Parkwest Casino Lotus was that dream realized. Opened in 2017, the 16,000 square-foot […]

Oct 29
Yes, gratefully, CASH is still very much open!

The good news! During COVID, Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) creatively and passionately found ways to remain open. “We haven’t closed one day and, in fact, we opened more.” according to Executive Director Terri Galvan. “We added more hours during the heat wave, increased our street outreach to make sure people know what help is […]

Oct 27
Get Aboard the Phở Xe Lua Train

Truly a family affair, Bobby Phong inherited Phở Xe Lua from his uncle and aunt, Charlie and Michelle Phong. His father and mother, Michael and Anh Phong, were the guiding lights when the restaurant opened in 2007. Bobby has helped his family in other restaurants ventures over the last 40 years starting out as a […]

Jan 07
Sacred Spaces

Along Stockton Boulevard, two notable cemeteries provide a final resting place for community members. They are graced by gardens, memorials and artwork. The ceremonies performed are varied and culturally diverse—some somber, others celebratory and festive. They offer solace, tell a history, keep memories alive, are good for the environment, and provide sacred space for all to enjoy. Home of Peace6200 Stockton Boulevard […]

Jan 07
Stockton Boulevard Destination: Little Saigon 2019

In 2010, Sacramento’s growing Vietnamese community asked the City Council to designate a two-mile section of Stockton Boulevard as “LittleSaigon.” The business corridor south of Fruitridge Road to Florin Road (city and county) bustling with dozens of Vietnamese restaurants, coffee shops, nail and hair salons, spas, jewelry stores, bakeries and markets – became Sacramento’s new official ethnic neighborhood and made […]