Job Opportunities

Airway Transportation Systems Specialist (Electronics Systems Technicians)


Airway Transportation Systems Specialists (ATSS) are the safe-keepers of the systems and equipment that keep air travel in the United States safer than in any other country in the world. Whether you have an interest in computer science, electronics systems, HVAC, or electrical systems, you will find a fulfilling career as an ATSS. We have a team of more than 4,000 talented technicians that install, operate, maintain, and repair more than 74,000 pieces of aviation safety equipment located across all of the United States and outlying U.S. territories. Our radar, data automation, communications, navigational aid, HVAC, airport lighting, and power systems provide services critical to the success and safety of our National Airspace System. Among other functions, these services enable Air Traffic Controllers to see and communicate with aircraft personnel and help pilots navigate safely from takeoff to landing.

Take Off with Tech Ops

Airway Transportation Systems Specialists Gateways Program – Paid Internship

The Gateways Internship Program provides students the opportunity to join a diverse team of talented and dedicated technical professionals. Students will receive hands-on, practical work experience and have the opportunity to learn about the national airspace system (NAS). Students will learn about and use safety protocols including Operational Risk Management and use of personal protective equipment. Students will
also obtain an in-depth understanding of how the facilities, systems and equipment support the day-to-day operations of the NAS. Students who have an interest in computer science, electronics technology, or electrical systems, will be sure to find a fulfilling career as an ATSS.