Stockton Boulevard Destination: Little Saigon 2019

In 2010, Sacramento’s growing Vietnamese community asked the City Council to designate a two-mile section of Stockton Boulevard as “LittleSaigon.” The business corridor south of Fruitridge Road to Florin Road (city and county) bustling with dozens of Vietnamese restaurants, coffee shops, nail and hair salons, spas, jewelry stores, bakeries and markets – became Sacramento’s new official ethnic neighborhood and made this nearly forgotten boulevard a regional destination.  

Little Saigon continues to evolve into a must-visit, shop and dine adventure.  The thriving retail district specializes in goods and services from throughout Asia – Vietnam, China, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Korea—the largest portions being Vietnam.  Restaurants serve a wide-range of Asian specialties. Lovers of Phở (pronounced ‘fuh’) lose themselves in the dozens of offerings. Bánh mìis another favorite with multiple options throughout the district. Vital to the best Bánh mì are the fresh-baked breads. Both locals and out-of-towners flock to Duc Huong Sandwiches (6825 Stockton Boulevard) for their baguettes and pâté. Quán Nem Ninh Hòa Restaurant (6450 Stockton Boulevard) tops everyone’s spring roll list. A myriad of bakeries sell bread, croissant, pastries and Asian desserts. Gift shops, fabric stores, clothing, florists, bubble tea, herbs and acupuncture – it’s all here.Large and small markets are beacons for any home cook tackling Asian cuisine. The Vietnamese-Chinese owned supermarket Vinh Phat Supermarket (6105 Stockton Boulevard) has had a loyal following for more than 30 years.  Shun Fat Supermarket (Stockton Boulevard & 65th Street), a Southern California-based chain owned by a Chinese- Vietnamese-American, opened in 2000 to cater to the local community and anchors Pacific Plaza. As the first Chinese herbal store in Sacramento, Khan Hing Tong (6035 Stockton Boulevard) has a wide selection of Chinese herbs and goods.  

“South Sacramento is home to many Vietnamese refugees,” says Executive Director Stephanie Nguyen, Asian Resources. “I grew up in the house that my parents still live in and that means a lot to me. We are really proud to say we have our own district and we support and promote Little Saigon. Since 2010, the businesses have flourished and more are coming; it is a true destination.”